Minimalistic Geeks

There are several types of people in the Free Software Community. One significiant type is the minimalistic geek. The minimalistic geek is... minimalistic. You can easily recoginize him. He lives in a strange kind of world. His universe complies to certain minor rules that he deems to important. Several examples:

"My home page needs to be written in a way that anyone could see it using lynx." Actually one can browse his homepage in lynx, but the HTML is so messed up that with IE, it is not browsable. He doesn't care. Everyone should use a non-IE browser. Well, I neither love MS or its products but 90% of the world still use it. And his homepage is exposed to them (it is not a technical site).

Or here is another one: "C# and Java is evil. I'd use C for everything. It's fast unlike those languages." I argued that C# is garbage collected and he can serialize an obect instantly without writing any code. I want to be more productive so I won't use such lower level tools. He told me that it's not such a big business writing some serialization code for every class, it really isn't. I asked him why should I waste my time writing any bits of code if it's not essentially required. But C# and Java are extremely slow and resource hungry he answered. Well, computers getting faster and VMs getting more optimized every day so why should I suffer using ancient tools? Maybe because my software should run on his Pentium 200.

Summarizing in a few words, these folks live in the past when computing resources were very scarce. They are intimitated by new tools/languages/whatever, especially if those are resource hungry. Most of these people will never make any big things happen because they are so attached to their limiting attitude.


Plone. This thing is *too* easy to use. Seriously, I installed it in some minutes and I haven't slept enough yesterday so it's hard to me to concentrate. I've already installed Zope some months ago, but that was pretty easy too. When it comes to archiving a Plone site, you can export your folder into a .zexp file and that's it. Damn, I almost couldn't believe how simple it is.

Cool Mono Applications

Two artices about cool Mono applications:

Real Life

Eszter (my sister) and me were running to Szelid. To be honest we were walking most of the time, but who cares? We had a good time. By the way did you know that running decreases the probability of depression three times. I read that some time ago.

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