Twisted Reality

Sometimes I feel that I live in a strange kind of world. Today I had two such moments.

When I arrived to Szeged to the flat I ate some food and went down to the school. As I stepped out of the building I noticed our neighbour. She is a middle-aged woman. She seems quite sick to me because of her looks. Her voice also sounds pathetic and the way she breaths. It’s maybe asthma, I’m not sure. In the moment she went out, she took a cigarette and began smoking. I noticed her red painted nails too. I was thinking about this scene for a while. She’s sick, that’s apparent to me, yet she doesn’t care with her health, she damages herself with this toxin. She even has time to paint his fingers which doesn’t make her look any nicer, maybe only in her reality. She can also think that this is the expectation of our culture. Hell knows.

The other time was when I was sitting in the English class an hour ago. There was this girl. She always makes me laugh with her very colorful, crazy clothes. It’s hard to me to describe the way she looks but imagine a childish girl in all kinds of very vivid wearings. Orange, Green, Pink, whatever. I almost cracked up in smiling when I saw her star-shaped earrings. Their diameter could be around 5 centimeters and 1 cm thick. They were semi-trasparent. She could even built in them some kind of light source or some radioactive fluid which would make them even more funky.


WordPress almost made me mad this time also. I couldn’t login because I didn’t change that unmemorizable password that I’ve given during the registration process I suppose, so I almost reinstalled the whole thing. Fortunately I successfully found the cure for my problem just in time.

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