Surfing on Half Megabit

I happily see that the situation is getting better day by day in Hungary regarding internet access. Every provider has raised the bandwith of their customers. I’ve had 384 kbits/s, now I happily surfing on 512 kbit/s for no additional payment. Every customers’ bandwith above 384 kbit/s has been doubled, so the others had even more luck than me. The undesirable side effect of the this change was some hours downtime at my ISP so I couldn’t get online last night.


If everything is going well, we’ll be given a new filesharing protocol. Exeem sounds like a beautiful idea. The lack of centralization and the possibility of unlimited growing sounds like the death of RIAA and all those bastards. I hope the suprnova guys will make something big happen. By the way seems to be a good place on file sharing news.

Some good stuff I found from OSNews:

  • Regarding High Level Computing mentions that computing today is a usability disaster. Users think high level while computers force everybody to think low level. Companies care with their own interests rather than serving their customers and really solving their problems. I can only agree.
  • Learning The Basics is yet another interesting article about how lazy we are. In my experience also most people don’t or hardly want to learn any new things in their lifes if it’s not necessary. This article also mentions that by adding policies that would make computers easier to use, we would loose the control of the finer grained mechanisms by these rigid policies. I was thinking about this subject for a while and I think by defining several layers of abstraction, a set of policy layers, we could make our computers adapt to us. I really think it’s a possible thing to do.
  • Usable GUI Design: A Quick Guide for F/OSS Developers is a really, really good article on UI design. It mentions some very basic and powerful guidelines. The links are also great.
  • Smart Package Manager sounds like a long-awaited really intelligent and general solution. My personal wish would be a package manager that could store multiple versions of the same package locally in a way that I could select the version I currently want to use and it would rearrange the relations in the filesystem and its registry in a correct way.
  • Sergey Dmitriev has written an article on language oriented programming. It is a fascinating idea to me. I got some questions answered by this article. I have been asking myself whether there is a better way to develop programs and was thinking about how could it be possible to preserve the sequence of the trasformations when developing programs instead of transforming our thoughts into the final code and finally unable or hardly explain how we got there despite of every comment in the souce. This paradigm can easily be the future, I think.

Nooface looks like an interesting HCI news site.

Karl fisher has written yet another nice GNOME 2.8 article.


I was listening to Digitally Imported. The Vocal Trance and Hard Core channels play some good music sometimes.

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