Flash is loosing ground

Watching the word of DHTML it seems to me that Flash is becoming more and more obsoleted as alternative standards and their implementations begin to emerge.  I've seen some major projects in the near past that strengthened this belief in me.

  • Glimmer has the potential to replace Flash animations.
  • SoundManager 2 makes it easier to play sounds using JavaScript.
  • Processing.js is the JavaScript port of the Processing language.

Huge props to Péter for mentioning SoundManager 2.  It's a really interesting component for us because we were on the same path regarding the Flash music player of Wondeer.  We strive to push the application logic of our player from the ActionScript side to the JavaScript side for better maintainability.  SoundManager 2 is exactly what we're looking for so it's really exciting for us to see this project.

Both of the above mentioned JavaScript components became possible because 1) the Canvas has matured, 2) JavaScript engines have matured and 3) CPUs got faster.

It's exciting to imagine the possibilities when HTML5 will be supported by all major browsers and when JavaScript will be compiled everywhere.

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