Siemens Gigaset: You shouldn't complain about the firmware

I've tried to let the Siemens Gigaset team know about some software problems through their customer care form:

Dear Sir / Madam,

I've noticed several problems with the Gigaset S685 IP model which I'd
like you let you know about to be able to fix them.

First, the messenger disconnects after about a week or inactivity.  I
haven't monitored the exact timespan and it may not be a fixed
timespan but it happens from time to time.  I don't know whether it's
caused by the inactivity in the messenger or ISP / Jabber service
outage but it's surely disturbing.  I'd expect the messenger to
reconnect automatically as soon as possible without needing to
explicitly restarting it on the phone.

The other problem is that the web administration interface of the base
station is not accessible from the gateway.  I'd like to connect to
the web interface through VPN from my router and it seems that it's
possible to connect from every IP, except the gateway IP.

Please let me know whether you know about these issues and when will
you fix them.

Thanks in advance,
László Monda

First I specified Hungary as my country and my Hungarian email address.  They redirected my email to a Hungarian company who didn't know shit about the issue and couldn't forward it to the engineers.

Then I specified Germany as my country and used my GMail email address.  This time I haven't got any responses.

I always try to avoid buying any closed source devices exactly because of such experiences.  I needed a cordless SIP phone which supports bluetooth headsets so I haven't had much options.  Maybe a smart phone with a SIP softphone would be a better choice, but that'd be more expensive.

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