Supercharging storage space on the ASUS WL500GPV2 with OpenWrt

Lately I've extended my HOWTO on supercharging the storage space of your ASUS WL500GPV2 with OpenWrt.

I'm so delighted to make this work because from now on:

  • the whole root partition is able to store 8G - the size of the Kingston pendrive I've plugged in
  • the extension is completely transparent and it doesn't break the router on restart when the pendrive is not plugged in
  • everything is faster including package managment because the CPU doesn't need to do any compression on JFFS

First I wanted to use JFFS instead of ext2 but smart folks told me that wear levelling is integrated into pendrives.  (JFFS can only be used with MTDs anyways.)

This hack has dozens of practical uses such doing any logging on the router or SCPing backups from external hosts to the router on a timely basis.

As I dwelve more and more deeply into OpenWrt I start to realize how brilliant it is.  The use of SquashFS to store the image and the the mini_fo'ed JFFS on top of it as a copy-on-write file system is the most advanced solution one could ever devise to maximize filesystem storage space.  It makes me laugh when I compare OpenWrt to the official firmware of the typical SOHO router.

Thanks for all the documentation on the net, especially for the Packages on external media HowTo.

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