Joe Grand is my hero

About a year ago I became involved in electronics. This was because the development of the Ultimate Keyboard requires strong electronics knowledge and not only I couldn't hire anybody (without the resources doing so), but I also wanted to understand electronics and over time as I read the articles on Hack a Day I realized how cool electronics really is.

I've been doing software development for a few years and it's always fun, but doing purely software development in itself is not that interesting for me as it used to be. We have a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor, that's mildly interesting. We also have the Internet for several years which is much more interesting. What if create a propeller clock, a line following robot or all kinds of ultra-crazy stuff, both the hardware and software? That sounds to me like the ultimate fun.

Joe Grand is probably the most well-known hardware hacker who became famous as one of the hosts of Prototype This. He is a really cool guy and has tons of interesting materials on his site. I'm grateful for every piece of knowledge that I can learn from guys like him.

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