Overclock.net Mechanical Keyboard Guide Atom Feed

I use RSS / atom feeds pretty much all the time to minimize information overload but the Mechanical Keyboard Guide of Overclock.net doesn’t make my job any easier because they don’t provide any feeds and the thread moves very fast.

I couldn’t tolerate this anymore so I’ve created a webscraper that provides atom feeds for this thread. Parsing HTML into a DOM and executing XPath queries on the DOM is something that I have a vast amount experience with and this project didn’t take a long time either. I’ve been testing it for more than a month and it’s rock solid. The only glitch is that sometimes posts are randomized between very short time intervals which is a minor inconvenience.

The script below (also available on GitHub) is executed on a hourly basis by cron and its content is saved to http://monda.hu/overclock-net-mech-keyboard.xml

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