Dynadot, the ultimate registrar

I was searching for the ultimate registrar a while ago.  My needs were the following:

  1. Crystal clean web interface
  2. The more top level domain is supported, the happier I am
  3. Decent prices

It’s not a long list, but still it was amazingly difficult to find Dynadot.  Option 1 was the hardest one to find, believe it or not.  Have you ever looked how badly marketing people overloaded GoDaddy with loads of ads and how crowded their user interface is?  Then you understand why this option was so important to me.  I’m also 100% satisfied regarding all the other aspects of their service.

This is not a long post but whenever I find a service that makes my life easier I feel it worths pure gold to me because it saves me time in the long run.

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  1. PointyHat says:

    2010-11-21, Sunday at 16:26

    I agree that Dynadot is great for registering DN – except that it seems to have a lot of downtime, which ain’t good.

    For instance, it’s down today November 21, 2010 at 9:25:09 AM CST, and has been for well over 6 hours.

  2. says:

    2010-11-21, Sunday at 19:19

    PointyHat, I’ve never experienced downtimes with Dynadot yet despite using Montastic for uptime monitoring for a while.

  3. PointyHat says:

    2010-11-22, Monday at 15:04

    You wrote – “I’ve never experienced downtimes with Dynadot…”

    Check out their message yesterday at



    Well, it’s down right now (again), as at Monday, November 22, 2010 at 7:50:24 AM CST

    Seems their fix late yesterday hasn’t worked – for it’s been down again for over 4 hours today.

    I’ve used Dynadot for years now – and yep they’re good, when their server is up and running. But their downtime record isn’t good.

  4. says:

    2010-11-22, Monday at 15:50

    PointyHat, It seems you’re right. I can only hope they will get better by time. I wouldn’t like to change my registrar anytime soon.

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