Noname Mini Mouse disassembly

A girlfriend of a friend of mine asked me to repair her mouse because the wire has been chewed by her rabbit.

Her rabbit… Can you believe that?

Anyways, I was on a mission to fix this (rather unergonomic) mouse. I cannot blame the designers because it’s clearly a promotional product so it’s main purpose is marketing, not a product for everyday use. Despite of this, the girl in question is crazy enough to use it everyday. (Which is not so much of a surprise given the computer savviness of girls, except the much respected Jeri Ellsworth).

The repair procedure was a no brainer, except looking up the pins of the OM21PS USB+PS/2 MCU+Sensor 2-in-1 optical mouse IC to find out how the USB cable wire colors relate to their function. The existence of such multi-function ASICs is one of the main reasons why electronics is so damn small nowadays.

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