Filco Majestouch Tenkeyless Tactile Touch (FKBN87M/EB) disassembly

I have this board for a while so it was time to shoot some images to show its guts. It is currently the best keyboard on the market in my opinion, except that I prefer blue switches. I ordered browns this time because I wanted to try them out.

This board is constructed in a much sturdier way than the Das. You won’t break anything when disassembling it because Diatec used thick plastic everywhere without any overhangs.

The brain is the HT82K94E USB Multimedia Keyboard Encoder 8-Bit MCU which is the big brother or HT82K95E which was used in the Das. I’m not sure whether breaking out the MCU was a practical move or a smart sales tactic (to differentiate between the price of the NKRO and non-NKRO version) but it’s an interesting solution.

filco-majestouch-tenkeyless-keyboardClick to see the album

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