Self hosting or cloud hosting: that is the question

I know many geeks. Most of them are smart. Some of them are brilliant. Few of them are world class. And guess what? Many of them blog on a regular basis. These are tech savvy folks who run their blogs on their own (or rented) server for maximum customizability and pay a monthly fee. What do you think, how long will the information they produced survive if some of them get hit by a train? It’s very simple. You divide the amount on their bank account with their monthly hosting fees and you got the number of months in question.

What I wanna ultimately conclude is that there are lots of folks who create valuable content on a daily basis and their content is way too much vulnerable.

I was thinking a lot about this issue. I have 350 posts at the moment and although I know that mankind would happily survive without any of them, I feel the need to secure this information just in case.

Since I (and most of the people) use WordPress, I was thinking about a WordPress specific solution. The idea is to dump my self hosted blog to my cloud hosted blog on a regular basis from cron. Of course, there are some drawbacks, like Google may find the mirrored content along or before my primary site and I won’t be able to really customize the cloud hosted blog but I think that the benefits outweight the drawbacks.

The term I’m about to coin is the “backup blog” what is a cloud hosted blog where you mirror your content on a regular basis in an automated manner. I’m about to do this but I’m not there yet.


  1. says:

    2011-1-6, Thursday at 21:20

    Some days ago I went through almost the same topic.
    As you know, we wanna go big with our rehearsal place (The Sanctuary) and give webdesign, hosting and permanent storage for studio works for bands who plays at our place.
    And guess what: I may try out Google App Engine to build and host professional websites and applications. You can host Django or Enterprise Java on it, so virtually you can do anything.
    Of course you can say that GAE isn’t flexible enough for a couple reasons but hey! No size fits all!

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    2011-1-6, Thursday at 21:32

    Very nice, Dömi! We both love Python and by putting the Dreamgrave site to the Google cloud you pretty much preserve it for eternity. I guess they provide you lots of free resources and if you ever run out of them then Dreamgrave has made it. :)

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