IBM Model M keyboard disassembly

The IBM Model M keyboard. A piece of history. A symbol of geekdom. A cornerstone of computing. Ok, I’ve gone too far but you must admit that this is the predecessor of almost every keyboard that we use in our modern age and it all started in 1984.

Although this model is manufactured around the end of ’92, its quality is as solid as it can be. Around these times manfacturers have already flooded the market with dome switch shit and the next generation of users didn’t have any idea about the keyboards of the golden age. I’m not saying that every people would have loved Model Ms because their noise can be disturing but I’m here to say that the construction quality is far more better than almost any other keyboards that are currently on the market. I can only think of Filco and Leopold as exceptions.

It’s a very good sign of construction quality that the keyboard can be taken apart by anyone without breaking anything on it. The ABS plastic is top quality, feels very rigid, the walls are thick and the number of components used is no more than necessary. I love pretty much everything about this keyboard, even though I prefer Cherry MX blue switches because they require less pressure force which I think is more optimal.

Here comes the Flickr set which you’re welcome to browse through for your viewing pleasure.

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