FC200RC/AB Leopold Tenkeyless Tactile Click Keyboard disassembly

First of all, I’m not about to go into an in-depth analysis about this board as the geekhack folks did. I’m just about to express some of my opinions and provide some PCB porn pictures.

There are only few keyboards that I consider solid builds. This is one of them. I’ve preordered this one farily early, got it about two months ago and happily using it since then.

There are several attributes that make a solid keyboard in my opinion. One of them is the materials used and the thickness of the walls of the plastic parts. The switches being place mounted vs PCB mounted is another big indicator. As for this keyboard, the plastic seem high quality and the wall thickness is about 2-3mm which I consider very good properties. It’s interesting to note the similarity between the my Filco and this Leopold model. The case construction is pretty much the same except some minor details. As for its design, I rather prefer the Filco because the rounded edges of the Leopold don’t appeal to me that much.

The use of Cherry keycap stabilizers has definitely surprised me because I thought that those can only be PCB mounted but these are clearly plate mounted and they seem less wobbly than the Costar stabilizers which makes me consider them superior. I’ve found a very bad solder joint that has been bridged to a nearby trace but apart from that the quality is very satisffactory.

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  1. Onur says:

    2013-11-26, Tuesday at 09:42

    I am considering buying this keyboard, but I have recently switched to Dvorak layout and I am wondering whether individual keys can be switched around or not? i.e. do different rows have different surface angles inhibiting moving them around?

    I would appreciate it very much if you can help me,

  2. says:

    2013-11-26, Tuesday at 12:11

    Hi Onur,

    Yes, different rows have different angles but considering that you are using Dvorak you might as well not care because chances are you’re a touch typist. I guess it’s just an issue of aesthetics on your part.

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