Deck 82-Ice keyboard disassembly

I have mixed feelings about this keyboard. Although it’s a solid build cosidering the robustness of the case, I cannot overlook the fact that the fonts look ridiculous, the layout is weird and the overall look is rather displeasing. Also, choosing PCB mounting over plate mounting is not fortunate because a drop of water can kill the electronics, not even speaking about the reduced robustness.

It seems that TG3 Electronics tried to play it safe and they’ve minimized the manufacturing costs to get some profit despite the moderate number of sales. This strategy shows itself in not only not having a plate, but using only a single custom manufactured injection molded plastic part that is the top part of the case.

PCB mouting reveals the whole electronics making an excellent PCB porn for your viewing pleasure. The board features dozens of MX switches, LEDs and diodes (full NKRO for the win) and a CY7C63413C MCU that makes things happen. Most of the parts are surface mount but there are some through-hole parts (where it made sense price-wise, I believe). The PCB looks very high quality, I couldn’t find any glitches.

The “You’ve got a big Deck” slogan on the box of the keyboard is rather strange considering that it’s clearly a small form factor keyboard. The User’s Manual mentions that a PS/2 port can be installed and I’ve read on their site that additional LEDs can be added to the sides, making the Deck 82-Ice the most hackable board built so far.

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