The Nexus 5 was my shittiest phone ever

I want to say a couple of words of my previous phone, the Google/LG Nexus 5.

The Nexus 5 is an epic piece of shit

  • The frame around the display is thin and weak. Some of the frame material has already been dismantled, and there are a fair amount of cracks in the frame.
  • Everything is dog slow. Whatever you're trying to do, you have to wait seconds between touches. Even enabling the flashlight takes about a second for it to light up.
  • You're actually lucky if the flashlight even works. Sometimes the phone decides that it rather doesn't want to enable the flashlight in which case you better restart the phone to be able to use the flashlight again.
  • You'll encounter with "The camera has stopped" message quite often. This means that the internal state of the camera got screwed, and you have to restart your phone in order to be able use it again.
  • The most hilarious message I saw is "The phone has stopped". You guessed it right, the phone must be restarted in this case, too.
  • Upon trying to factory reset the phone, the erase process was taking more than an hour after it failed a dozen times. When the factory reset failed, I brought it to a service technician nearby who started to panic in the moment he saw the phone. "I had to deal with 5 of these crap so far, and I won't fix any more of them ever!" - he yelled in despair and drove me away.

The bottom line is that the Nexus 5 is the shittiest phone I've ever had, and according to what I read I'm not alone with my experiences. It's a worthless piece of junk and in my mind it completely obliterated the Nexus brand and made Google look like a bad joke when it comes to phones. I will never buy any Nexus / Google phones ever again in my life.

To draw a stark contrast, I purchased a OnePlus 3 recently. It's blazingly fast, rock solid, and every part of it oozes quality. It's a complete opposite of the Nexus 5 in every respect. It is apparently possible to build an outstanding phone for about the same price. It's just Google and LG who doesn't have a fucking clue how to do it.

I usually sell my old phones but I don't dare this sell the Nexus 5. I don't wanna cause anyone so much grief. I'll keep it as a backup phone, and I will pray to the Lord not having to use it ever again, not even for a split second.

End of rant, back to work.

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