Noname Mini Mouse disassembly

A girlfriend of a friend of mine asked me to repair her mouse because the wire has been chewed by her rabbit.

Her rabbit… Can you believe that?

Anyways, I was on a mission to fix this (rather unergonomic) mouse. I cannot blame the designers because it’s clearly a promotional product so it’s main purpose is marketing, not a product for everyday use. Despite of this, the girl in question is crazy enough to use it everyday. (Which is not so much of a surprise given the computer savviness of girls, except the much respected Jeri Ellsworth).

The repair procedure was a no brainer, except looking up the pins of the OM21PS USB+PS/2 MCU+Sensor 2-in-1 optical mouse IC to find out how the USB cable wire colors relate to their function. The existence of such multi-function ASICs is one of the main reasons why electronics is so damn small nowadays.

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SPEEDLINK SL-6370-SYW Formula Laser Mouse disassembly

This is my sister’s mouse. Its killer feature is the apparent cable retraction mechanism which I’ve successfully destroyed during the disassembly. If you disassemble the retraction mechanism and aren’t careful enough and apply to much force then you’ll also break it so be gentle. Apart from that, this is a pretty ordinary mouse. The rather long distance in which the sensor detects motion is a bit disturbing me. The microswitches are not made by Omron and I don’t really think they are top-notch quality. The one-sided PCB is a good cost saving option.

I’m sorry Eszter. I will make it up, I promise.

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