I’ve replaced my glossy laptop display with a matte one!

I’m definitely not a fan a fan of glossy displays. Unfortunately, glossy screens heavily dominate the market nowadays which is a pain in my ass because it’s a not pleasant experience to work with them in bright sunlight. Always working in the dark room is something I was fed up with. I’ve always wanted a laptop with a matte screen but given the many requirements that I have for laptops that was pretty much impossible and I finally bought my Acer Aspire 8935G-874G100BN laptop about one and half year ago featuring a big ass 18.4 glossy screen.

A while ago I started taking getting a matte screen more seriously and visited the largest laptop shop in my city, Szeged. They let me know that a replacement screen would cost me a small fortune and they eventually concluded that it’s not possible for me to get a matte screen. I don’t blame those guys because doing such a replacement is a rare feat and not so obvious.

I wasn’t about to give up and asked for advice. From this point on, there was no going back. After I disassembled my laptop and got to know that my screen is the N184H6-L02 Rev. C1 model, I was searching for suppliers of the matte version of this screen. Interestingly enough despite some suppliers indicate on the product page a glossy screen, they can provide you a matte version of the same model. Fortunately, Bliss Computers had a last matte model on their stock which I’ve ordered from them and it arrived to me about one week later.

The replacement procedure is pretty obvious, except one thing. There’s a glossy sheet that is part of the case in front of the actual glossy screen. That sheet has to leave forever if you wanna have a matte experience. Removing the sheet involves removing the glue that holds it there and without the sheet the assembled laptop will have a somewhat half-finished, DIY look but nothing too obtrusive.

Enough of words, let the images speak for themselves.

acer-aspire-laptopClick to see the album

As a final word you may ask whether it was worth paying $115 + $45 shipping for the alternative screen. My answer is that IT WAS A F*CKING BARGAIN! My user experience is so much better this way that I can hardly describe it using words! Some folks say that glossy screens provide sharper contrast but I’m not so sure at all. All I know is that reflection has gone, the image quality is stellar and that my glossy screen is officially for sale.

Google Reader transition

I’ve been using Google Apps for a while and a transition opportunity has appeared lately on the Google Apps admin interface that I’ve just executed. As a result I can use Reader through my Apps account instead of my Gmail account and my shared items page has changed from the old page to the new page.

According to the statistics I’ve read 86,937 items since April 7, 2006 with my old account which seems like a lot.

My site has been overhauled

I’ve overhauled my site during the recent monts. The things I’ve done:

  • Migrated every MediaWiki page to WordPress and shut down MediaWiki.
  • Migrated every image to Flickr.
  • Moved every useful project to the cloud, primarily to Google Code due to its simplicity.
  • Cleaned up my project page and included my smaller projects.
  • Overhauled the main page.
  • Updated the categories.
  • Moved my CV to LinkedIn.
  • Made every page 100% XHTML Transitional complicant.

It’s been a major update that I wanted do to a long time ago but never had the time.  I also have some small plans regarding improving the performance of my site.  I wanna use a PHP opcode cache, make an image sprite from the theme images and serve static content using lighty from a separate subdomain.  None of these is urgent but I want my site to be lightning fast eventually.

I won’t ever buy a music album

I’ve just bought two pendrives. There is a shiny decal on them with the title “artisjus” in their center. Seems like I’ve just payed their tax, so thanks for remembering me. (In case you don’t know, artisjus is the Hungarian equivalent of the RIAA.)

Do you expect me to buy any music albums after such an incident? Go figure.

What’s A Vacation?

Brad Feld wrote an excellent post, What’s A Vacation?

He lists 5 strategies that one can use to isolate himself/herself from the world to get some piece of mind. I also found myself more and more often in this state when I feel there’s too much going on and I have to focus. When this happens I set Piding (ICQ, Google Chat, MSN), Skype and Evolution to offline mode, shut down my cellphone and just focus on the task ahead. It works pretty effectively.

I plan to schedule more activities (that most normal people do) on a regular basis to cut myself from the cyberspace and socialize more often. I’ve recently had a PRK eye surgery which limits me in some activites for a while, but there’s still lots of things to do.

Moved to monda.hu

If you’re reading this post then you’ve probably been redirected to monda.hu from laci.monda.hu. I learn more and more on SEO and I also apply in practice what I learn. This is one step of the many. Being present on a higher level domain gives you better rankings.

monda.hu was mostly unused. It only had the welcome screen of my family, some links and some scripts.

Me Featured in Fauna Gallery

I was at the BalaTone-Festival last weekend where the Fauna Association was present. They protect animal rights which is a very important thing in my opinion. I helped him in their campaign by being a poor chicken for a minute who grown up in factory farming. I have a sad look on the picture because I’m a poor chicken. The bubble says: Don’t screw with chicken!



As of 2007-07-01 I have a BSc degree in Computer Science. I feel relieved. It took lots of hard work for me to make this happen and I’m glad I’m over it. If one asked me what does it mean to me getting my diploma I’d happily answer to his / her question.

It means nothing to me. Absolutely nothing.

I have to make a confession. I’ve cheated. I’ve cheated 100% to complete the two hardest exams of the university: formal languages and complexity theory. I couldn’t have done these two courses without cheating. I’ve cheated in such elaborate and subtle ways that it was absolutely impossible to them to catch me. Why do I confess it? Am I proud of it?

I am, because I honestly believe that this is a fucked up kind of education. In order to be successfull in such a system, you have to resist to think way too often and instead remember formal shit, symbol by symbol. Many people I know who teaches in academic circles are so attached of their rigid models of knowledge that they feel the urging need of capturing other people in their own prison. This attachement manifests itself in the merciless and pointless ways they test students who want to pass their exams. In my experience school generally rewards formal knowledge and discredits creativity, but my ultimate problem is that they don’t teach you to think better. They give you outdated specifics and useless generalities. Regarding the Free Software Word, there was almost no mention of its culture, history and morals at all.

I’ve experienced way too many times that too often the smartest people are the ones without a paper. Miguel De Icaza, a person who I have the uppermost respect toward doesn’t have a diploma. Larry Ellison and Bill Gates left the university without competing their degree. I don’t need any further evidences.

I don’t know how things are in other countries but I despise the Hungarian education system and don’t give a shit of any paper people may have, because it means nothing to me. Not a damn thing.



ReiserFS: Never Again!

I’ve had such unpleasant experiences with ReiserFS in the past that I decided that I’ll never use it again. A couple of days ago, I had a nasty power failure and when I rebooted my box, the root fs (which was ReiserFS) had mount problems. I had to fsck it with the rebuild tree option in order to be able to successfully mount it. This happened twice in a row. My friends and I also had the same experience several years back.

I’ll stick with ext3 for most of the time, except for storing large files for which I use JFS.

I’m an INTJ More than Ever

I’ve just redone the Jung Typology Test yesterday and it turned out that my preferences regarding my Myers-Briggs type are considerably stronger than one and half years ago. I think I’ve matured since than and I know myself better so my answers reflect my personality better this time. I think the MBTI is a very good way of modelling people’s personalities.

Based on my results, I chose the right profession. Good to know that. ;)