I'm an INTJ More than Ever

I've just redone the Jung Typology Test yesterday and it turned out that my preferences regarding my Myers-Briggs type are considerably stronger than one and half years ago. I think I've matured since than and I know myself better so my answers reflect my personality better this time. I think the MBTI is a very good way of modelling people's personalities.

Based on my results, I chose the right profession. Good to know that. ;)

Core 2 Duo Migration Suckage

I bought a Core 2 Duo configuration last week. My old machine, an Athlon 2500+ with 1G RAM didn't feel responsive enough. I use lots of resource-hungry applications on Linux and my desktop felt sluggish. I had to move on.

One may expect that everything works smoothly after such an upgrade regarding software configuration on Linux, right?


This suckage certainly ranks within the top 10 in my life. I sucked days to get things work properly and I want to share the details because I do not wish, even my worst enemy to go through the pain I went through.

First let's summarize the major components of my configuration so you can identify whether you may hit the same problems with your hardware.

Let's see the problems I faced with:

Suckage #1

  • Problem: I couldn't measure the temperature of the CPU.
  • Solution: I had to patch Linux 2.6.20 with the coretemp patch and update the lm-sensors userspace utitities. I downloaded and patched Linux 2.6.20, built it the Ubuntu way a rebooted. Linux couldn't see my SATA drive during the boot process. I finally realized that the SATA configuration options have changed in Linux 2.6.20 so it's not enough to use the standard Ubuntu config. You have to enable the new SATA options. Unfortunately the GNOME panel applet doesn't support measuring the temperature of both cores yet, but it's usable anyways.

Suckage #2

  • Problem: I couldn't build the Nvidia driver because it complained about something during the complation process.
  • Solution: It turned out that the Nvidia driver compeletly misinterpreted the presence of the Vanderpool paravirualization technology and because of that it throwed a false error during compilation. I recompiled the kernel with Vanderpool turned off and everything went all right. Fortunately I don't want to experiment with KVM yet so I can live without paravirtualization for a while.

Suckage #3

  • Problem: GDM didn't allow me to log in.
  • Solution: Turned out that GDM masturbates with the ~/.Xauthority file in its wicked ways. The odd things is that it only does so under Linux 2.6.20. I managed to solve this problem by injecting into the beginning of /etc/gdm/Init/Default the following lines:
> $xauthority
chmod 644 $xauthority

Suckage #4

  • Problem: My microphone didn't work.
  • Solution: After a long time I realized that messing around with KMix always solved my issue, but I didn't know exactly what have I done that made it work. Well, here's the mysterious fix that I included into my /etc/init.d/alsa-utils:
amixer sset 'Input Source',0 'Aux'
amixer sset 'Input Source',0 'Mic'

Based on the problems arised I must conclude that Linux is not ready regarding high-end hardware. Ubuntu is a fairly user-friendly distribution and yet, you just saw what it takes to get it working on recent hardware. No one can expect an Average Joe or Aunt Tillie to solve problems of such caliber.

After going through all this pain I'm very satisfied with my system. Intel Core 2 is an incredibly capable platform. Using 2G RAM with Core 2 makes a system hyper-responsive. The only component that is slow is the hard drive, but once you loaded your apps, you cannot have any complaints about the performance.

Goodbye Tiger!

Tiger, the beloved cat of my family has passed out last week. His death came very suddenly, no one of us expected it to happen. Tiger has survived quite a lot of things. He has been hit by a car, beaten up pretty badly, and has gotten an ugly virus which almost killed him last year. The odd thing is, we don't know what happened to him this time. My mother found him lying on the floor. By that time he was already dead. Maybe he ate something ugly. No one knows.


Goodbye Tiger! Have a good time in the kitty heaven! We will always remember you!

Happy New Year!

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. A year gone by since then. Reflecting back to 2006, it was a pretty satisfiying year. I've learned a lot of things, got to know some really great people.

My new year resolution includes development regarding my personal life. My career, my relationships, being a better man, being more giving. I will be more and better day by day, living a life that I truly enjoy. A life that makes me happy in a way of not hurting everyone, but making the world a better place. I truly believe I can make this happen.

I am grateful for everything I have and everything I've achieved in 2006 even if I seem dissatisfied sometimes, because I always strive for more. I wish everyone an awesome 2007 and a happy life in general. I think we can build a great life by looking deep inside ourselves and realize our dreams. As a last word, despite this post may sound really new age, I truly believe it has some important things to say for everyone.

I wish you all the best!

Chinese Food Can Be Bad for You

Dömi and I were shopping some nice clothes at the Árkád shopping center in Budapest. We got quite hungry by time and decided to grab some food. There was a chinese fast-food restaurant in the building and we ordered a menu hoping that we'll have a pleasant gastronomic experience. As a matter of fact the exact opposite has happened.

This is the "food":


Dömi's face clearly shows the pleasure of eating this shit:


So as mine (notice this ball of rice):


You shouldn't poison yourself with anything like that.

There's an Ice Rock Near Me

I'm getting worried. What do you think it is?


No, this isn't a huge ice berg from the Antarctica mirrored vertically. I can help you a bit by showing you a farther shot.


Yeah, it's our fridge in the subtlet. I should seriously consider thawing this weird formation. The only problem is that there's too much food in the fridge and everyone of us would need to remove his food for a while, so I have to wait for this to happen. In the meantime it could be useful for reducing the global warming. At least I hope so.

Ultraweb.hu: The Shit

Update (2007-02-14): I've finally paid the price, because they threatened me with legal actions. I asked some advices from a lawyer regarding this situation, so I'll be more clever next time in such cases. As a side note, it's impossible to unsubscribe from their mailing list, so they can be also considered spammers.

Ultraweb.hu is the former hosting provider of monda.hu. I had problems with them so I moved to another hosting provider about three months ago, to mediacenter.hu which I'm very pleased with.

Some days ago, I got a two checks from Ultraweb. The first was about the hosting price of the last year, which seemed a bit higher that is mentioned on their home page. The second was about the hosting price of the next year which is quite ridiculous, because I'm no longer their customer. I've emailed them about these pricing issues. They didn't answer 3 working days later, so I emailed them again. 2 days passed, no answers, so I tried to call them on the phone. It wasn't easy to find a contact number to begin with, but when I called them, I felt pretty pissed off.

I call them, I immediately hear a female voice: "Your call is important to us. You are the first client on the queue. Please hold on!". Stupid music for two minutes… After that again: "Your call is important to us. You are the first client on the queue. Please hold on!". Stupid music for some minutes again… At that point, I fucking put down the phone.

Well, I've finally made the decision that I won't pay a fucking cent to these bastards. To understand my situation here's what they should mention on their home page about the quality of their service:

  • Many times our servers are so fucking overloaded, that your site becomes inaccessible. Sorry for the inconvience.
  • Major administrative outages will frequently occur, which usually means that you cannot write your web space for several days. You won't get notified about any of these outages, of course.
  • Our customer support has quality issues. To be honest we don't exactly have a customer support, just a pimpled teenager, jerking off all day to lesbian porn.
  • It's all shit, we admit it, but what can you expect for this price, fucker?

I've also noticed that they don't have any slogans. I think they should really have one, because it's really important from a marketing point of view. Here are some of my ideas:

  • It's cheap shit. Pay the price and get lost!
  • Customer support? We don't have such a thing.
  • Ultraweb.hu – for all the fuckers who wanna suffer.

I've also made an updated logo for them. I think it became pretty good:


Being Free Again

I'm so glad because I've finally succeeded with my exams for this semester. The last one was a nasty fucker.

I wanna hack on UC, hardcore. I've updated the Project Roadmap in the near past so there's a pretty good vision where the project should be moving. I have to make a couple little changes on the MediaWiki home page skin. After that, I have to implement a custom TreeModel interface for the panel, so it could display files much more faster. It seems that it's the only way to speed it up, I've basically tried everything else. I also feel a strong urge to move to Stetic, in MonoDevelop, because messed up Glade signals are cumbersome to handle.

I wanna also find some nice telejob(s) to make some money, because currently, I'm a poor bastard.

I Don't Need No Fucking Education!

I truly fucking hate the university. This is a place where you have to learn some massive amount of shit in order to get a piece of paper which some employers attribute as a sign of competence and/or basic intelligence. Actually, it's more of a sign of being able to suffer by a bunch of idiots, torturing you with their evil exercises that you'll never make any use of in your entire life.

I have to make this exam down. Shit!