chnorm 0.3 released

You can fetch it while it’s hot.

I’ve fixed the output of the –help option which crashed due to “invalid” characters in my accentuated name.  Thanks for Tamás for letting me know about this bug!

Chnorm 0.2 Released

As the title says. Chnorm became more usable and totally pythonificated. Grab it and have a lot a fun with it!

I’ve used the Python optparse module for parsing the options. In its documentation there is a very good section about the concepts around the command line interface and its design as well as a criticism of some popular application that have a braindead CLI.

My Feeds Are Working

I’ve just fixed the links of my feeds so you can easily subscribe to them from now on. Just click on the little red thing in the bottom right corner of Firefox and you’re on your way, cowboy.