MediaWiki on SourceForge, Part 2

In a previous post of mine, "MediaWiki on SourceForge", I wrote about the topic of this post and this time I wanna correct the informations I gave there.

Diego Torres Milano, developer of the JGlade project contacted me several days ago that I should update my blog mentioning that MediaWiki cannot be installed on SourceForge. He kindly pointed out to his script which is meant to install MediaWiki on SourceForge.

I couldn't use his script, because it seemed a bit buggy, I haven't had the time and I'm not so motivated installing MediaWiki on SourceForge right now since I'm using DokuWiki on for Ultimate Commander. I recommended him to write a howto on the topic since the suckiness of bash scripts in these complex scenarios is unavoidable, but he thinks a script is a better way to do the thing.

He told me that SourceForge allows to write the /tmp/persistent/ directory. You typically wanna create your /tmp/persistent/<your-project> directory and put the related files into it. This way one can install any web application on SourceForge.

Anyways, I you wanna install MediaWiki on SourceForge you should really give his script a try. He's also helpful and very willing to improve his script so contact him if things don't go well.

Thanks Diego.

IP to Country Splitter is Out

I've just released IP to Country Splitter which provides you a way to integrate the IP address to Country lookup feature very easily into your PHP application. I didn't give it a version number intentionally since I don't really wanna maintain it in the future and it's fairly usable at this point. At least I hope.


My Scripts are Refreshed

I've also released the most recent version of my scripts. You'll find it interesting if you're interested in streamlining HTTP transactions. now contains a class, named Surfy. As its name suggest it's a browser class, which can be your best friend in some scenarios.

Edge Detector Dude Released

I've written yet another PyGTK application in the near past for the Digital Image Segmentation course of the university.

You ask me what it really is?

Edge Detector Dude is a simple image manipulation application written in Python using PyGTK. It presents you the Sobel edge-detected and the gradient-directed versions of the input image. The pixels of the gradient-directed image is computed by denoting the angle of the gradient of the pixel and mapping this value as a grayscale color.

Edge Detector Dude is more accurately a front end that uses the accompanying gradient utility to process the input image and visualize its result images.

gradient is written in C using the Allegro game programming library.

Let's see this dude:


I'm proud of this GUI design because I think it's very usable, however there are several things that could be improved:

  • Add a "View" button to view images. Currently the statausbar mentions that images can be viewed by double clicking on their names, but it's not very eye-catching and novices may miss it.
  • Add support for other file formats. For some strange reason Allegro only handled BMPs, however according to the documentation it should handle a wide variety of image formats.
  • Replace the gradient-directed image with something nicer. It's really ugly, no questions, but I had no choice because that was the exact task to be done.

SourceForge Does Care!

I opened a support ticket on SourceForge on 2003-04-09. I asked them to create a new Trove category, called "File Managing" (yeah, my English sucks) or something like that. No relevant reply was made then and I also felt a bit stupid for bothering them with such an issue. Feeling stupid was definetly because of my low self-confidence at that time by the way.

I haven't tracked this ticket and only now, when I changed the project infos of Ultimate Commander, I noticed the entry "Topic :: System :: File Management" and I went after that. They closed my ticket and included my category on 2005-01-05!

It's the most exciting in the open development model. Every single individual can change this universe. 174 projects have registered themselves in my category so far.

Learning Gtk#

I'm learning Gtk# these days. Well, I don't need to learn so much Gtk anymore, but rather C# which is very well-suited for creating GUIs. That's mainly because of several special language constructs like accessors and delegates. On the other hand it's a strict, strongly-typed language that is a little bit unusual for me after so much Python. This kind of strict nature of C# makes it able to run suprisingly fast. I cannot tell you some exact statistics on it, but some say in several cases C++ is only 2x faster than C#. I think the situation is not so ideal. I guess it's 5x or so.

I'm learning C# because I wanna rewrite Ultimate Commander in it. This has proven to be a hard task, especially because I want to make it very usable in terms of user interaction by specializing widgets to fine-tune some of their details which I think are important.

Gtk# has several nontrivial issues, so I hang out on the mailing lists regularly these times. I also began to help others as I have some experiences in Gtk. It feels good helping people.

Coder Keymaps 0.4 Released

I've just released Coder Keymaps 0.4. Grab it while it's fresh! I made a new homepage for it which I think is very simple and usable. I love PHP for these kind of simple tasks which is a strange, but warm feeling.

Projects Updated

I've updated my projects page also. Now it contains all the projects I've made. Some other parts of my home page are restructured likewise to improve its usability.

Chnorm 0.2 Released

As the title says. Chnorm became more usable and totally pythonificated. Grab it and have a lot a fun with it!

I've used the Python optparse module for parsing the options. In its documentation there is a very good section about the concepts around the command line interface and its design as well as a criticism of some popular application that have a braindead CLI.

My Feeds Are Working

I've just fixed the links of my feeds so you can easily subscribe to them from now on. Just click on the little red thing in the bottom right corner of Firefox and you're on your way, cowboy.

Braindead Defaults

Linux lacks sane defaults in a lot of areas. One of them is mounting a samba share with

mount -t smbfs -o password=mypassword,codepage=cp852,iocharset=iso8859-2,uid=lee,gid=users,fmask=644,dmask=755 //hostname/sharename targetdir

or mounting a pendrive using the corresponding fstab line

/dev/sda1 /mnt/pendrive auto rw,user,noauto,shortname=mixed,dmask=022,fmask=133 0 0

There should be some kind of higher level configuration layer because that's above is what most users want.

Power 0.2 released

I've just released power 0.2. It has several small improvements.